The Shocking Truth Behind The Death Of Prince | Chicks News

Just over a week ago we first heard the news of world famous singer and songwriter Prince’s death. Since then, fans have mourned and rumors have swirled. Some reports indicate that Prince died as a result of a flu-like illness that he had been battling for several weeks.

Other speculative reports suggested that he died of untreated AIDS. However, more recent reports indicate that his death may tragically be linked to drug usage. In fact, investigators are trying to determine if the cause of death may have been a drug overdose. Some sources close to Prince revealed that he had a history of using Percocet, a strong prescription pain reliever also known as an opiod. In fact, prescription pain medications were found in his possession at his time of death.

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

An autopsy was completed on Price the day after he was discovered dead in an elevator at his estate. It may be several weeks before toxicology results are available. These test results should indicate whether or not the death was caused by a drug overdose. Initial findings by the medical examiner involved in this case found no outward signs of trauma. From this, we can deduce that no one directly harmed Price. At the time of his death, Prince was 57 years old.