The Perfect Office Prank Ideas For April Fools Day! | Chicks News

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today is a day of trickery and tomfoolery! A day in which it is semi-acceptable to act like a child again. Today is one of those days where you have to be very alert and aware of what the lovely people in your life are up to, especially the tricksters. You never know when you will have a trick played on you. We have gathered up some harmless and humorous office prank ideas that you can try at your place of employment. Give these tricks a try while it is socially acceptable to do so!

Office Prank Ideas and April Fools Pranks:

This is an easy but devastating trick. Fill a doughnut box with veggies and dip. Just watch your co-workers’ reactions when they go to grab a big, delicious glazed… carrot. Aaaah. Insert sad face here.

Another easy but irritating prank perfect for your workplace! Cover a co-workers’ mouse sensor with paper. Then, wait and listen. It won’t be long until you hear aggravated cries of “my mouse stopped working!” Then, be sure to keep your giggles as quiet as possible until your co-worker figures out what is going on.

This prank require a bit of effort, but the payoff makes it worth it. Print out a creepy face and use a chair to shift a ceiling tile to the side. Insert said creepy picture and wait for the reaction/s.

This prank takes a time investment, and the irritation level of your co-worker is sure to shoot through the roof. However, the priceless look on your co-workers’ face when he or she realizes phone calls will be a bit of a challenge today makes it allllll worthwhile.

You already know what is going to happen with this trick!

This prank is kind of gross and a bit childish, but it work.  Mush up a paper towel roll and form it into the shape of a turd. Then, prepare to have some seriously grossed out co-workers.

Banana phone. Need we say more?

Use glue to create a ‘milk splatter’ that is sure to freak any co-worker who has an usual attachment to their laptop!

This prank requires pre-planning. But seriously, how could you top such a hilarious prank??