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Some people might argue that cats and kittens are *the* cutest animals on the planet. They have soft fluffy hair, wide inquisitive eyes, and unique personalities. Who couldn’t love a cat? They make great pets and they are good company. If you love typical cats and kittens, chances are you will really love munchkin cats.

Munchkin cats are adorable little kittens with short and tiny legs. This is a relatively new breed of cat that people are quickly falling in love with. Munchkin cats have shorter legs due to a genetic mutation. Like typical cats, munchkins have playful and intelligent personalities. Despite their unusual stature, these cats appear to be just as healthy as a typical cat, even as they age. With the exception of their shorter-than-average legs, these cats look pretty similar to ordinary cats once they reach adulthood.

Today, we have gathered photos of some ADORABLE munchkin cats that will make you ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’. People who have cat lady or cat man tendencies, beware! This post could seriously trigger your cat-person tendencies. You can’t say you were not warned!

The Cutest Munchkin Cats Ever


Aaaaaah look at this little munchkin nugget! With a hat on! Cuteness overload right here.

Momma munchkin and her little baby munchkin!

This little munchkin looks angry, but still cute as a button!

The fluffiest little munchkin cutie ever.

Munchkins can come in all hairstyles! This is a sphynx munchkin

This munchkin looks like a tiny cheetah! How cute!

Why so serious, little munchkin?

Awww look at that sweet munchkin kitty.

Could anything be cuter than a munchkin cat?? Maybe, just maybe. Check out the next page at your own risk. You may die of cuteness!

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