The Best Photos of Funny Moms Celebrating Kids' First Day of School

It’s almost that time of the year that parents, especially moms, have waited for the entire summer. School is about to start, and while our children might not be happy about it, we must confess we feel a little tingle of joy deep down inside of us. It’s ok! You can allow yourself some relaxation hours while your kids are at school. You definitely deserve it! Moreover, you can even celebrate this occasion with some photos of funny moms.

Some moms were even more creative than most of us, and they captured these delightful back-to-school moments in a funny manner. Let’s take a look at the following photos of funny moms celebrating their kids’ first day of school and have some laughs.

1: The Pool Party Mom

We can all relate to Jena Willingham’s picture taken with her sitting on a floating mattress in the pool while her kids look sad in the background. She said that was the first day in no less than 11 years when she was home alone without having to take care of any of her children. So, she decided to celebrate that occasion by having an awesome pool relaxation day.

Her Facebook post went viral, but her kids don’t seem as excited as her, sighs…

2: The Fist-Pump Mom

Jacque Rogers Foster seems more than thrilled that her kids are ready for their first day of school after the summer holiday. She was even funnier to tell her children she will be so “sad” to participate at all those moms’ parties when the kids are away at school. This is when Jacque decided she will contribute to online photos of funny moms being happy because their kids start school.

This South Carolina mom of four stated she felt creative and inspired to take this funny photo. She also said that other moms cry when they drop off their kids at school. But that’s not her case. Well, at least for now. Let’s see her when the kids will be all grown up and going to college.

3: The Party-Hard Mom

For this mom, things are even funnier because she has developed an entire tradition of her kids’ first day of school. Every year, after their summer vacation, this Alabama mom snaps a picture of her dancing and jumping of joy with her kids standing poker-faced in the background.

Keshia Gardner started taking this kind of funny pictures a couple of years ago. But then, she decided to go to the next level by including her husband and their farm animals in the photos. However, not many people probably know that Keshia is a great person who, besides to her own kid, is also a foster parent.

4: The Hands-in-the-Air Mom

This Florida mom of two thinks her funny photos of her and her two daughters right on their first day of school are catchy and hilarious. She has been doing this as a regular habit for the past four years.


She says that it has already become a nice tradition and that she plans on doing it for as much as she can. Veronica enjoys doing these photos, and her two daughters just go with it. Although the girls are probably sad that summer is over, we can definitely realize their faces are also a bit acted which is not a bad thing for the sake of the picture.

Let’s Recap

Summer vacations are a lot of fun, especially for the kids. However, moms can feel a little overwhelmed. Their little ones are constantly saying how bored they are. So, the first day of school requires a celebration.

Images source: Facebook