Tasty Cherry Beergarita Recipe For Those Warm Days of June!

The first official day of summer is rapidly approaching. This means sunny days spent by the pool or on the beach, cook outs, and other fun summer celebrations. What compliments a nice day spent soaking up the sun better than a tasty and refreshing drink? Today, we are bringing you an awesome recipe for Cherry Beergarita!


This recipe is so easy to prepare. It has also become an extremely popular drink. Who doesn’t like a beer/margarita combo?? Give it a try for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Cherry Beergarita Ingredients:

12 ounces of tequila

12 ounces of Corona

12 ounces of your favorite cherry flavored soda (such as cherry 7 Up)

12 ounces of thawed out limeade concentrate

Lime slices (for garnishing your cups)

Cherry Beergarita Directions:

Find a pitcher large enough to combine all the ingredients. Then, pour in the tequila, Corona, cherry soda, and limeade concentrate. Stir everything together gently. Pour the mixture into your cups and garnish the cups with the lime slice. Enjoy!

Suggestions: If you want to reduce the calorie content of the Cherry Beergarita drink, you can use diet soda in place of regular soda. You could also throw a few cherries into your drink along with the lime garnish (or you could skip the lime garnish).