Swiss Snowboarding Champion Dies Tragically On The Slopes Tuesday | Chicks News

The 21 year-old snowboarding champion who recently won the Freeride World Tour, died last Tuesday on the slopes after an avalanche consumed the mountain in which she was riding on.Estelle Balet was out an about in Switzerland on a slope that she posted about, where she would be filming the following week. Saddened, she won’t be able to do this anymore.

Swiss authorities were contacted at about 8 a.m right after the accident took place, where they immediately went to the scene. An avalanche completely overtook the snowboarder where her body was buried.

When her body was recovered there was no way of bringing her back, though authorities tried several times. She was announced dead at the scene, even though she was going to be airlifted back to a hospital.

Balet was a very talented snowboarder. In fact, of of her sponsors recently spoke out about her saying, “Estelle Balet was a naturally gifted shining star and demonstrated remarkable talent as she quickly became a household name on the Freeride World Tour, bringing home her second title as World Champion just a few weeks ago in Verbier.”BuzzFeed

Below is a video of Balet’s most recent competition where she placed first.

H/T BuzzFeedNews