Sweetest Marriage Proposal Ideas With Adorable Pets | Chicks News

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and we all know what that means. Marriage proposals! Without a doubt, you will see engagement announcements and photos on your Facebook news feed, on your Instagram, perhaps even on your Twitter feed right on and after Valentine’s Day. February 14 is a popular time to pop the question. It makes sense since it is a day dedicated to love and all that good stuff! And really, what could be better than a sweet marriage proposal? The only thing we can think of is a sweet AND creative marriage proposal. Today, we have gathered some of the sweetest marriage proposal ideas that will make animal lovers go crazy (in a good way!)

Why? Because these proposals involve some of the cutest pets and animals you could ever lay eyes on! If your partner LOVES animals, take note of these sweet and romantic proposal ideas that involve your beloved pet, a favorite animal, or even a new addition to your little family!

Super sweet marriage proposal ideas involving your pets!


Ummm what person would not love this super sweet proposal? An adorable puppy and a ring? That is a win-win situation right there!


Love the puppy and the idea! This is right out of most women’s’ dreams (and perhaps some men’s dreams too!)


Since the angle makes it a bit difficult to read the toy in the dolphin’s mouth, you will have to take our word for it that this is a marriage proposal. We have to say, this is a super creative proposal and perfect for someone who loves dolphins!


Another win-win… a kitten and a ring!


Love the sign and that sweet dog!


Can you imagine walking into a room to see this? Ahhh


For the bovine fan, this is a perfect proposal!


We love this proposal SO much. How long did it take to teach that cute dog to balance the ring box like that?? It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.


This ring-on-the-nose thing is really popular, and every dog makes it uniquely adorable!


Now this proposal is definitely unique!


The family dog was included in this proposal in a slightly different way than others! How cute is that doggie sweater??


Treats and a ring for this proposal-assisting pup!


If you don’t have a dog or a cat, you can still include your pet in your proposal! Check out this rat helping out!


Clearly, this proposal took place around Christmas. For some, a ring, the beloved family dog, and a Christmas tree might just be the best combination ever!

All photos were sourced from Pinterest.