Sweet Pictures Of Winter and Christmas Proposals | Chicks News

For many people, the holiday season is a magical time filled with love, happiness, and joy. The holidays are an especially great time for couples. How could it not be when you are surrounded by twinkling lights, delicious foods, family and friends, and best of all, each other! For some couples, the holidays are the ideal time to get engaged. You are usually around some (or all) of your family members, you have some idyllic romantic settings, weather that makes you want to cuddle up, and feelings of love in the air. What could be better? Check out these magical and heartwarming winter and Christmas proposals.

They will make you swoon (and maybe a liiiiiittle bit jealous). These guys find some very creative ways to use Christmas decorations, winter weather, props, scenic winter settings, family pets, and even family members to make their proposals super special. You can tell that a lot of thought, organization, and planning went into these very memorable proposals. Guys (or girls!), if you are reading this, it is more than okay if you are inspired by these Winter and Christmas proposals.

Now go ahead, look at these classic pictures of Christmas proposals, and feel ALL the feels.

Photo credit: Pinterest