Sweet Dog Shelter Story of a Mom and Her Pups

I’m sure you all remember the heartwarming story of the rehabilitated shelter dog. We have yet another story from an animal shelter. A visit to a dog shelter can stir up a variety of feelings. You may feel sadness at the current situation the dogs are in, but you may feel happiness and excitement at getting to see so many sweet dogs all at once! Anyone who has ever worked at a dog shelter will tell you that there can be a great deal of sadness in these types of shelters. However, some very special stories arise out of events that occur in these same shelters. The story we are sharing with you today is an example of just that.

Just recently at the Barkers Motel and Pet Grooming, two 9-week-old puppies arrived from the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. These young puppies had been recently separated from their mother. Also currently staying at the Barkers Motel and Pet Grooming is an older dog named Maggie, an Australian shepherd cross who gave birth to puppies a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Maggie’s puppies had been taken away from her. In the evening when the Barkers Motel owners had left to get dinner, Maggie heard the young puppies crying. What happened next is so sweet!

Check out this Momma dog’s daring escape to comfort her pups in a dog shelter

Credit: Facebook

Maggie was able to push her water holder to the side and squeeze out of her kennel. She then ran to the outside of the puppies’ kennel and laid next to it. Occasionally, she would pace and peek into other kennels, but she would quickly return to the puppies’ kennel. When the owners of the Barkers Motel returned, Maggie greeted them excitedly at the door. She led them to the puppies’ kennel and made it obvious that she wanted to be with the puppies. Although slightly apprehensive at first, the Barkers Motel owners allowed Maggie to visit with the puppies. She began to nuzzle them and cuddled close to them.


Credit: Facebook

Maggie was recently adopted, and the Barkers Motel anticipates that the puppies will also be adopted soon. You can watch the surveillance video of Maggie seeking out the crying pups below!