Susan Boyle's Meltdown At Airport Was Due To Asperger Syndrome | Chicks News

Boyle was due to fly to Scotland when police were called to reports of a woman in distress in the airport lounge on Monday.

Following the incident, a spokeswoman for the former Britain’s Got Talent star, 55, said her behaviour was characteristic of Asperger syndrome, the condition she was diagnosed with in 2013.

She said: “The incident at Heathrow occurred because of Susan’s well-documented Asperger syndrome. It is a lifelong condition and one of the many characteristics is outbursts.

“She continues to enjoy her music career. That is very important to her and brings happiness to her life whilst trying to balance the many challenges that Asperger’s brings.”

Officers spoke to her before she made her way home to Scotland after they reportedly had to remove her from the airport.

A witness told The Sun newspaper: “She looked confused and was shouting ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong.’

“The cops looked pretty concerned as she was all over the place. They eventually took her away.”

Asperger’s is a form of autism which typically means people with the condition struggle with their emotions and have difficulty in social situations, often unable to pick up on nonverbal cues.

A representative for the star said: “Susan is absolutely fine and is on her way home.”

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