Superintendent of Jennings School District Cares for Students

School superintendents have a very important job. The superintendent oversees all the schools within a district and takes the lead on many initiatives, programs, and budget related issues. A school district in Missouri has one of the very best superintendents a district could ever hope to employ. Dr. Tiffany Anderson is the superintendent of Jennings School District, which is located in a predominantly African American  community.

When I Found Out How The Superintendent of Jennings School District Cares for Her Students…Tears

Many community residents live below the poverty line. Recognizing that her students had many needs, Dr. Anderson resolved to find ways to meet those needs.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Unlike many superintendents, Dr. Anderson is very involved in the schools she oversees. She serves as a crossing guard, brought art education back to the schools, found a way to provide warm coats and hot chocolate to students who did not own coats, created a program to help teen moms stay in school and achieve, started a food pantry for members of the community, and even opened pediatricians’ offices in the schools so the students can receive health care. Dr. Anderson is an incredible woman who deserve recognition for all her dedication and hard work.