Struggling With Stubborn Belly Fat?? You Won’t Believe This!!

Mike Chang uses to time himself

Now, this exercise is made up of three parts: mountain climbers, plank, and knee-to-elbow crunches. You only have to do 30 seconds of each at a time, then move on to the next and so on, until the 5 minutes have passed. Chang recommends you to do them without stopping, but since he is already a fitness expert, this might sound easier than it actually is. So he agrees that if you cannot do them non-stop, you should take some breaks.

Picture Caption: You should take your time doing mountain climbers. Source: Youtube

For this exercise, Chang goes quite fast, but he also mentions that if you are at the beginning and you haven’t done this before, you should pace yourself. This is possibly the most challenging exercise out of all three of them.

Source: Youtube

Steadily do the plank for 30 seconds at a time.


The next exercise you should do is a plank, which might seem like rather easy compared to the previous one. However, this challenges your muscles a lot. Don’t worry, this is good news. It will work your abs, but also your core and your shoulders. One extra tip to make the plank even harder (if you really need to) is to do it while keeping your legs at a distance from one another.

Source: Youtube

Attempt to reach your elbows with your knees while doing crunches

Finally, the last part of this 5-minute exercise to get 6-pack abs is a series of knee-to-elbow crunches that Chang does slowly and inhaling then exhaling to control his breathing. You should remember that knowing how to breathe is very important during a workout. Most people tend to focus on the exercise so much that they forget to breathe properly, which only makes them tired more easily.

Mike Chang manages to impressively perform these exercises for 5 minutes without stopping, but he mentions more than once that you should pace yourself and not attempt this if you don’t think you can do it. If you want to check out his exercise and see other types of workouts that he recommends, you can find him on YouTube.

How Does the 3 Week Diet Complement Exercising?

Now, is exercising enough to help you get rid of that unwanted belly fat completely? Highly unlikely. Remember that your body also needs a proper diet in order to be healthy, get nutrients, and burn fat faster. So the best way to eliminate body fat is to combine the 3 Week Diet program with exercises such as the one we’ve provided you with above. No to mention the fact that the diet pack also comes with the highly useful Mindset & Motivation Manual that you can go to whenever you feel like you need to remind yourself why you started this program and what you’re trying to achieve.

Source: The 3 Week Diet

Where Can I Find the 3 Week Diet Program?

If you are interested in purchasing the 3 Week Diet program (and you should be), you can find it here on their official website that we’ve already linked for your convenience. It is available to download in a PDF format, and it now only costs $47, from the original price of $97. Furthermore, the creator of this program guarantees to give you your money back if you don’t lose 12 to 23 pounds in 21 days.

Summing It All Up

In order to live a healthy life and also have the weight of your dreams, you have to incorporate more than one change in your daily routine. Even if it might sound easy, it can be quite challenging at times. However, if you use the 3 Week Diet and combine a healthy diet with exercising and a positive mindset, there is little to no chance that you won’t get the desired results.

The key to getting rid of belly fat and regaining confidence in your body is to first of all understand the science behind how your body works and how it eliminates fat. Then, you need a change in diet where you avoid eating unhealthy food and focus on food that will help you burn fat. Top that up with daily exercises that are intense yet short, and with a manual of tips and tricks to motivate and inspire you, and you’ve got yourself an exquisite program to help you lose weight.