STOP Letting Your Husband Watch the Kids! I Couldn't Believe What These Dads Did While Watching Their Kids! | Chicks News

Moms and Dads typically play slightly different roles in their children’s lives. They both serve as caretakers for their children and they share some of the same responsibilities when it comes to parenthood. However, moms are typically the nurturers and dads are usually the ones who are all about having fun.

This is not always the case, but many times these are the dynamics that can be observed in families. With that thought it mind, it comes as no surprise that some dads just can’t be left alone with their kids. Why? Because they have too much fun!


Credit: Pinterest

Dad dressed this little boy up as a man… for a costume. We’re guessing that little boy would prefer to be Spiderman or some other super hero! Oh, dad!


Credit: Pinterest

Yes, this father is using his baby’s butt as a mouse pad.


Credit: Pinterest

Dad had a little fun with mommy’s eye liner!


Credit: Pinterest

This dad is using his sleeping infant as a table!


Credit: Pinterest

This redefines “put the kids to bed” or “make the kids stay in bed.”


Credit: Pinterest

Dad had a little fun with this mini Harley Davidson bike rider!


Credit: Pinterest

Apparently this dad could not find a hair tie, so he used a zip tie. A few points for creative genius to that father!

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