Stop Believing Negative Press About Police! What This Officer Did Will Restore Your Faith In The World! | Chicks News

Some people have begun to view police officers in a very negative light recently. So much so that these negative views have propagated violence throughout the United States. These violent acts have been targeted at police officers who are out doing their job. With all these terrible events happening in the United States and around the world, it feels good to hear stories such as the one we are about the share.

On Monday morning, a Texas couple was speeding to their local hospital because the wife was in labor. Deputy Constable Craig Diebold saw the car speeding past him. He turned on his sirens and lights and signaled for the car to slow down. At a traffic light Caleb Hall, the father to-be, put his window down and told the police officer that his wife was in labor and they were rushing to the hospital.


Photo Credit: Star Telegram

Officer Diebold said he would escort the couple to the hospital. However, not long after their encounter at the traffic light, he saw the car pull over along the side of the road. Mom-to-be Destiny Hall was giving birth right in the car! She was not pushing, but the baby was coming regardless. Although an ambulance was on its way, it would not arrive in time. Officer Diebold and Caleb worked together as the baby was born. The baby girl started crying after they cleared her airway. After assisting with the birth, Officer Diebold was quoted as saying, “It was an amazing moment. It’s probably the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Lately, everybody’s hearts have been down, with all that has happened. This was really uplifting.” Everyone was so overjoyed that things had gone smoothly despite the undesirable birth location. Once the ambulance arrived and it was determined that the baby was healthy, Officer Diebold was able to have a few photos taken with the new parents and the baby! So sweet!

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