Spice Girl 20th Anniversary Reunion? Think Again For This Specific Band Member! | Chicks News

Almost everyone knows and once loved the girl pop band known as the Spice Girls. They were idols in the 90’s. It’s one previous Spice Girl however, that now has things the say about the band.

Victoria Beckham ‘always felt uncomfortable’ in the Spice Girls, the band’s former manager Simon Fuller has claimed.

The 55-year-old entrepreneur, who worked with the girl group through the peak years of their success, has claimed Victoria, only found her ‘true vocation’ when she quit music and started working in the fashion industry.

Simon explained: “Victoria, coming out of the Spice Girls, being married to David Beckham, launched a solo career. She never felt comfortable.”

“Even in the Spice Girls – it was great fun, she was in the world’s biggest group for two or three years – but she didn’t feel comfortable.” Her manager said.

“When the Spice Girls broke up, she had a few songs as a solo artist but she wasn’t happy and she said to me ‘Simon, I just don’t want to do music anymore. What do you think I should do?”

“It was one of those things that you get this kind of clarity of vision. I’ve known Victoria since she was 18 and her passion in life was always clothes.” Simon says.

The Spice Girls are to tour again in honor of their 20th anniversary, and unfortunately Victoria will not be joining the other women. She’s leaving her singing fame as well as the group behind.

Here’s a video of the group all together posing for pictures back in 1996.

H/T Daily Mail