So Sad! Incredible Girl Who Raise Money For Cancer Has Died! | Chicks News

12-year-old Lexi Brown started “Bald for Lexi” fundraisers to raise money to help children battling cancer. Her fundraising events have raised almost $90,000!

Lexi herself was diagnosed with cancer back in the summer of 2014. After finding a lump in her leg, they discovered fibroblastic sarcoma and she endured many treatments and surgeries.

Lexi believed that many people had done so much for her and her family, and she wanted to give back. That is what led her to create the “Bald for Lexi” fundraisers.

Photo Credit: Jon and Lisa Brown

Lexi found out last fall that nothing more could be done to treat her cancer. She continued to organize her charity events due to her desire to keep giving back. Sadly, Lexi passed away suddenly on Wednesday in Toronto, Canada.

Lexi and her family had taken a trip to Lourdes, France. There, she waded into waters that have been said to have healing capabilities. On the flight home, Lexi began to experience breathing problems and was taken to the hospital. She died suddenly with her mom right next to her. In her hometown of Santa Maria, people have begun to wear purple shirts and ribbons in memory of Lexi. Purple was her favorite color. Lexi will never be forgotten!