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If you are looking for a strange and random stuff to buy as a gift, look no further than Amazon! There you will find some truly bizarre items that you can purchase. Here are 6 more odd items that you can purchase on Amazon.

More Random Stuff to Buy on Amazon!

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

A gag gift for some or a completely practical gift for others! These disposable underwear come in a handy dispenser box and are available whenever you need them most. They sell for $7.17 for a box of 5 unisex undies.

Bombproof Your Horse

Potentially a good investment if you own horses. With this book, you can prepare your horse for anything- including the sound of bombs going of! You can purchase this informative book for just $22.77

Emoji Poo Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to this mini crappy emoji pillow? You can purchase the poop emoji pillow for only $3.40

PET ROCK with Walking Leash

When taking care of a living animal is too difficult, invest in a pet rock! This handy kit even includes a leash for your pet rock so you don’t have to worry about him/her wandering away! This kit sells for $13.00.

Gross Spray

This is the perfect product for when you want to make a stink at work or at home. A few sprays are all you need to get people grossed out and riled up! Liquid Ass sells for $9.89 for a 30 ml bottle.

No picture for the last one, but don’t let that deter you from purchasing some Roswell soil! It comes in a little packet and only costs $15.72! It comes with a certificate of authentication, so it doesn’t really get more legit than that. If you are into UFOs, this is an item for you!