So Adorable! You Won't Believe What This NBA Player Said About His Wife! | Chicks News

Stephen Curry is an NBC player for the Golden State Warriors. He became a household name after he led the Warriors to their very best regular season record (the record was 73-9). While Stephen is well known for his talents as a basketball player, he has also become known for his immense love for his wife and children. What he said about her is so beautiful. It absolutely makes my heart melt!

His 4-year-old daughter Riley became a mini celebrity after he started bringing her with him to press conferences.


Photo Credit: PopSugar

When Stephen unanimously won the MVP award for the second year in a row, he made sure to thank his wife Ayesha by saying the sweetest things ever! Stephen said none of it would have been possible without her. He went on to say that she holds down the house all the times that he is gone and that she keeps the family running. Stephen said that Ayesha has given their daughters an example to look to as they grow up. He noted his wife’s strength and patience and mentioned that he does not take it for granted. He said that she is always the same person whether he wins games or loses, and it means a lot to come home and share life with her. Stephen concluded his speech by thanking Ayesha for who she is. How sweet is that?? #Relationshipgoals