Snowboarding In The Empty NYC Streets During Blizzard! | Chicks News

If you live on the east coast of the United States, you were likely impacted by last weekend’s huge blizzard, winter storm Jonas. It was such a large, impactful storm that some people referred to it as a snopocalypse or snowmageddon!

Some areas of the east coast received over 4 feet of snow. Crazy, right? Even New York City was significantly impacted by the great blizzard 2016. So much so, that travel bans were enacted, subways were closed, and the streets of NYC were quiet. Well, they were only quiet for a short while.

Check out this two brave guys who braved the blizzard to catch up on some urban snowboarding!


The bare streets of NYC during the 2016 blizzard


Two guys decided to take advantage of the empty New York City streets. How? By skiing and snowboarding in New York city. Yes, these guys snowboarded and skied right down the barren, snow covered streets. Friends Jesse Welle and Casey Neistat gathered their knee pads, helmets, and equipment. Then, they put chains on their jeep’s tires and headed out to the open streets. The travel bans enacted for the city did not deter these guys. What happened next could only occur during an epic, record-breaking snow storm. The guys took turns skiing and snowboarding down the open streets of New York City. They created a nearly 3 minute video of them (illegally) sliding and gliding down the snowy streets that are typically packed with cabs and cars. At one point, they even wave an American flag. Check out the video below.

As you can see the police caught up to the guys at one point. However, it would seem that the police were just as amused by their antics as the rest of us. Although it may seem like the guys just went out during the blizzard and filmed their video, they actually spent time preparing and planning ahead. You can check out the video below of them preparing for the snow.

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