Sneaky Iced Coffee Hacks Are Top Secret

Hey coffee lovers, what could be better than a cup of delicious coffee during these warm summer mornings? How about incredible coffee hacks that make your iced coffee 10x better? Today, we are telling you about a particular coffee hack that can help you make perfect iced coffee.

Any avid coffee drinker has experienced the discomfort of accidentally burning their mouth on a steaming cup of hot coffee.

These Sneaky Iced Coffee Hacks Are the Secrets Coffee Shops Have Been Trying to Hide From You!!


Source: Youtube – Anne Stericker

Try this life hack to avoid the dreaded coffee-burnt tongue. Fill an ice cube tray with either freshly brewed coffee or whole milk (depending whether you like to drink your coffee black or with whole milk). Then, allow the ice cube tray to freeze in your freezer. Once the cubes have frozen, you can remove them from the tray and drop them directly into your steaming hot cup of coffee. Your hot coffee will cool quickly, but will not become diluted. Ta da, no more burnt tongues! Check out the how-to video below.