Simplify Pet Care with these 5 Lifehacks for Pet Owners

Pets are wonderful creatures! Unlike rude Aunt Agnes who always insulted your “sunken chest” (see? completely rude and uncalled for!), pets are family members that we choose to make a part of our family. From dogs to cats, rabbits to chinchillas, and every animals in between, our pets are special to us. Today, we bring you some fabulous lifehacks that will make life as a pet owner just a bit simpler! Doesn’t that sound nice?


Credit: Wikimedia

1. Make your own flea shampoo. It’s really easy. Just combine about a cup of Dawn soap, one cup of Vinegar, and a quart of warm water. Mix the ingredients together, and then massage the concoction onto you pet’s hair and skin. Let it sit for approximately a minute, and then rinse off.