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Women do not need makeup to be beautiful, but every now and then it can be fun to experiment with makeup. A little blush here, a little mascara there, some eyeliner up there, and voila! If done correctly, you might end up looking like a slightly more polished version of yourself. If done incorrectly…. well, let’s just say the results could be interesting. Instead of doing things the wrong way, use these cute makeup ideas to change up your looks.

Some women do not wear makeup at all, and we applaud those ladies. For the women who do wear makeup, we applaud you too! We hope you choose to wear it because you want to wear it and not because you feel like you have to. Makeup can be a great tool to help enhance your features or show your creative side. Today, we have gathered some simple and cute makeup ideas, a few natural eye makeup ideas, as well as some BOLD and vibrant makeup ideas. Give them a try and see what you like. You never know what you can pull off! If you are feeling bold, go bold!

Simple and cute makeup ideas (as well as a few bold, vibrant looks!)

For the first of our cute makeup ideas, we have a sweet but spunky makeup look you can easily try at home! Just use a bright eyeliner in the very corners of your eyes. If you don’t have a bright eyeliner, you can wet a brush and mix it with a bright eyeshadow. You can use this in place of eyeliner. You can use a light, nude shade on your eyes (or skip this altogether) and apply your usual shade of mascara.


This look is bold and beautiful! We like this for a romantic date night. Begin with your light colors (white in the corners) and work your way out to the darker colors. You could try this look with any color, you just need lighter and darker versions of the same color. Complete with heavy black eyeliner, mascara, and false eyelashes!

How gorgeous is this natural look? This is perfect for days when you want to look polished, but not overly made-up. Use light, non-metallic golds and taupes to achieve this pretty look.  Don’t forget the winged black eye liner above your top eyelashes and a swipe of white eyeliner on your water line.

This look is definitely an attention grabber! Start with a light white color and add your bright neons on your eyelid. Start from lightest to darkest. Add a sweep of black eyeliner above your lashes and if you would like, complete the look with thick fake eyelashes.

We love this simple and stunning look! Begin with your sweep of blue across your eyelid and below your bottom lashes. Then add some lavender shadow above and around the blue eyeshadow on your eyelid. Complete the look with a bit of mascara.

Here is another unique look for those of you who dare to be different! This look takes a bit of patience to achieve. Carefully line your eyelids with different colors of liquid liner. Try to make the lines all the same thickness.

This is a simple, subtle, but pretty look. Use your darker color in the inner and outer corners of your eye. Add gold in the middle and blend together. Be sure to sweep a bit of both colors on the bottom of you eyes below your lashes. Complete the look with masacara.

We like this look because it is both unique, but not over-the-top! Use a light purple or lavender eyeshadow on your eyelid. Use a swipe of blue eyeshadow below your bottom lashes. Finish the look with a somewhat thick line of black eyeliner and add black mascara.

We love this pretty and pizzazz-y look! Swipe a light colored eyeshadow across your lid and dab a little bit in the corner of your eye. Do a somewhat thick sweep of black eyeliner across your eyelid in a winged motion. Line have of your eyelid above the black eyeliner with sparkly gold liquid liner. Add a bit of liquid gold liner at the bottom corner of your eye outward. Finish with mascara.

Are you feeling extra bold? Give these incredible looks a try if you dare! 🙂

All photos come from Pinterest

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