Shes in for a Routine Ultrasound. You Won't Believe What Happens!

Last November, Kimberly Fradel went to her doctor’s office for an ultrasound to check on her unborn baby. She and her husband, Gavin Fradel, received the shock of their lives. You MUST check out this story.

They were not having one baby, or two babies, but THREE babies! All three babies were girls. The even more shocking part is that the girls are identical triplets who were conceived without the help of fertility medicines or treatments. Identical triplets are extremely rare.

After the girls were born, the parents found that it was very difficult to tell them apart. To make things a bit easier, each girl gets her toenails painted a different color. Stella has purple toenails, Grace has yellow toenails, and Emily has blue toenails. The girls also have the same birth mark, but it is located in different locations on their bodies. They also have a son named Gavin Jr. who, initially, was not pleased about his new role as a big brother. When he first saw his sisters, he told his father to “take them back.” He has since warmed up to his sisters and enjoys being their big brother. The family is doing well and is getting into a routine.