She Wasn't Sure What He Was Doing When He Approached The Homeless Man. But What He Did Next Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes! | Chicks News

It is a beautiful thing to witness a person doing something kind for someone else and expecting absolutely nothing in return. One man in Guatemala was unknowingly filmed doing just that. You must see this.

The man was walking down a sidewalk in Guatemala when he passed a homeless man sitting along the side of the street. The homeless gentleman had no shoes on his feet.


Photo Credit: YouTube

Taking note of this, the other man removed his new Nike sneakers from his feet and gave them to the homeless man. The man graciously slipped the fresh-looking Nikes onto his feet. The generous man did not wait around to receive accolades, he simply gave the other man a gentle pat on the shoulder and went on his way, barefoot. Thankfully, this beautiful yet simple act of humanity and kindness was caught on video by tourist who witnessed the interaction between the men. Let this simple act of kindness serve as an inspiration for us all!

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