Save Time With iPhone Gestures And iOS Shortcuts Lifehacks | Chicks News

Do you have an Apple iPhone? If so, did you know that there are special iPhone gestures and ios shortcuts to make life simpler and easier for you?

It’s true, there are various lifehacks built right into your iPhone! From deleting digits from your calculations, to reopening previously closed tabs, the developers at Apple have thought of all the phone lifehacks you could possible need and then some!

Check out our list below for some of the best iPhone gestures and iOS shortcuts

Reopen Tabs in Safari


  • Tap the bottom of you screen to bring up the Safari toolbar
  • If you tap and hold down the + in Safari, you can reopen previously closed tabs

Credit: Twitter

  • If you swipe down on a photo from your photo album, you will return to your album
  • If you are recording a video and want it to be full screen, just double tap on your screen once you’ve turned the record feature on
  • Zoom into movies by pinching and expanding the way you do with a picture
  • When you a completing a calculation on your phone, you can delete erroneous digits by swiping right or left over the numbers (whichever digit you want to delete)


  • If you like falling asleep to music but not waking up to it, you can set your timer on your phone to turn music off by selecting “Stop Playing”
  • If you turn your phone sideways when you are using the calculator feature, it becomes a scientific calculator


  • You can make an unwanted text notification disappear quickly by swiping to the left
  • Put your phone in airplane mode to make it charge twice as fast
  • If you hold down the ‘0’ key while you are writing a text message or email, you can create a degree sign for temperature
  • You can delete a text you have composed by shaking your phone once and selecting the ‘undo typing’ option