Sadie Robertson Speaks Out About A Challenging Heartbreak | Chicks News

Sadie Robertson, the Duck Dynasty and Dancing With The Stars, star, finally comes clean about her breakup with Blake Coward who she was in a long term relationship with for quite some time. The 18 year old, posted a video to youtube about her breakup and thing that she wants more girls to understand about the process. This will have you talking!

The main thing that Sadie wanted to get at, was how others can deal with heartbreak, because it’s not easy by any means. For some, it’s harder of a process than for others. Robertson continuously speaks about how hard it is to let go of someone, but how important it is to wish the best for someone and not be bitter or jealous.

Negativity doesn’t help in any way, and being hurtful towards someone doesn’t either. It’s important to wish the absolute best for someone and hope they do truly find someone special for them.

Sadie continues on and speaks about a sermon that she heard at church one night following the breakup, and how much it spoke to her.

Watch as she delivers this meaningful message in this video below!

H/T Thoughtful Women