Rainbow Bagels & Milkshakes are Awesome Unique Eats

If you are familiar with New York City, you know that there are countless restaurants to choose from. Some of the most creative (not to mention DELICIOUS) foods can be found in the Big Apple. If you plan to spend time in New York City in the near future and you LOVE unique eats, check out these incredible treats at two NYC restaurants! We do not recommend viewing the following pictures if you are hungry because we can almost guarantee that your mouth will start watering!

If you love sugary milkshake treats, you have to try a gigantic, monster sized milkshake from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. These monstrous milkshakes cost $15, but are well worth it for any milkshake loving-sugar fanatic. These milkshakes are so popular, people will wait in long lines to purchase one! Black Tap frequently changes their milkshake flavor options, but here are some delectable flavors they have previously sold: cotton candy, birthday cake, cookie, sweet and salty, candy cane, salted caramel apple, red velvet, and more. Are you drooling yet?

Just wait until you see the pictures below of the best unique eats NYC has to offer…

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Fluff (OMG!)

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Birthday Cake milkshake deliciousness

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Sweet and Salty (Yummmmm)

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Cotton Candy (could also be called sugar coma!)

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Salted Caramel Apple

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page


Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Hanukkah special

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Candy Milkshake

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Shark Week Milkshake

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Milkshake

Credit: BlackTapNYC Instagram Page

And if you weren’t already hungry enough (and drooling), we will now show you some fantastically pretty AND delectable rainbow bagels from The Bagel Store in New York City. Your first thought might be “Ah cool, rainbow colored bagels. Unique, but what makes them that special?” These are not boring rainbow colored bagels, these are vibrant NEON rainbow bagels smeared with an utterly delicious funfetti blend! Expect excessive drooling as soon as you scroll down to see….

THIS beauty:

A glorious rainbow colored bagel with funfetti deliciousness.

Credit: Yelp

Super bowl themed rainbow bagels (Bronos vs. Panthers)


Credit: Business Insider

Rainbow happiness!

Credit: The Today Show

A seriously sweet cotton candy bagel complete with cotton candy layer!

Credit: The Bagel Store Online

To learn more about these incredible sweet unique eats of NYC and the restaurants that create and serve them, visit Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer website. Don’t forget to also check out the Black Tap Instagram page, The Bagel Store website, or the official TBS Instagram page.

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