Purple is the Color of Royalty. These 7 Gorgeous Purple Nail Designs Are Perfect For Summer! | Chicks News

Purple nail designs are SUPER in right now! Particular shades of purple such as lavender, neon, and grape are excellent for summertime fashion. Today, we show you the most gorgeous and unique purple nail designs totally in at the moment.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Simple but so cute with the silver stripes! We love the use of light and dark purple nail polish.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

We love this funky artistic design over a lavender base.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another unique artistic look over a purple glitter french manicure. This look really catches your eye!


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bright matte lavender on a long blunt nail look so fierce!


Photo Credit: Pinterest

A new twist on a classic french manicure; purple glitter under the white base.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Love this! A bright lavender base with beautiful feather designs highlighted by rhinestone gems.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

A cool eggplant color with pretty Hawaiian flowers featured on the ring finger nail and rhinestones to accentuate this beautiful look!