President Barack Obama Visits With Dancing Centenarian | Chicks News

As president of the United States, President Barack Obama has met many, many people. He has kissed babies, shaken the hands of dignitaries and leaders, high-fived young children, and hugged citizens.

There is no doubt he has had many memorable visits with various citizens of the United States and respected leaders from around the globe. Just recently, President Obama had a very special visit that we believe will stick in his memory for some time.

President Barack Obama got to meet 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin.



Virginia McLaurin’s visit to the White House was special for several reasons. Ms. McLaurin had waited her entire life to meet an African American president. In fact, she created a YouTube video over a year ago for the Obama family in hopes that they would see it and be willing to meet her. Along with the Youtube video, a Facebook page was created as well as a White House petition. Ms. McLaurin’s efforts paid off, and she was given the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House in celebration of Black History Month.

The fact that she was finally meeting an African American president, the very first nonetheless, caused Ms. McLaurin to dance and squeal with excitement! Upon being introduced to the president, Ms. McLaurin excitedly exclaims “Hi!” and quickly rushes over to President Obama and Mrs. Obama, undeniably happy that her dream has come true! The Obamas cannot help but be surprised by the level of enthusiasm and energy this 106-year-old woman has. Ms. McLaurin happily laughs and greets President Obama. As she rushes over to Mrs. Obama, she greets her with a hug. It is not long before the two women begin to dance. President Obama seems amused as he exclaims “She’s dancin!” Check out the video below.