Pregnant Wife Rushed To The Hospital After Venomous Bite: Read About Her Life Threatening Decision!! | Chicks News

Back in 2013 in Little Rock, Arkansas a woman named Angie was walking around her flower garden that was around the deck of her home. Immediately after walking around, Angie was bitten in the toe! But it wasn’t just any ordinary bite, it was in fact a venomous snake bite!

At the time, Angie was 36 weeks pregnant and quite honestly the only thing on her mind was her baby. She ran to her husband who was inside when this happened and he rushed her to the hospital without hesitation! The pain from the swelling was almost unbearable for her to deal with, but the couples main concern was making sure that the venom didn’t spread anywhere else in her body.

When they finally reached the hospital, doctors were completely shocked at what they were seeing. They explained that something like this had never happened to them before where a woman was pregnant and at risk from a venomous bite. Usually, a doctor would give the patient one dosage of an anti-venom, but since Angie was pregnant, it could’ve potentially put her child in danger!

This left Angie and her husband with two options; either take the anti-venom and put her child at risk, or she could deliver her child four weeks early through a C-Section. It was clear to Angie which choice she was going to make.

Her baby was successfully delivered through a C-Section, and then she later took the anti-venom to clear everything up! After her child spent multiple days in the hospital for being premature, they were ready to take their baby Corbin home.

Incredible story!

H/T Little Things