Pictures of Aaaadorably Cute Kittens!

A few weeks ago we brought you a list of some super adorable puppies. We know that not everyone is a dog lover or a cat lover, so we want to have something for everyone! Today, we are bringing you a list of precious, cute kittens! From downright cuddly to sweet and fluffy, these kittens are as cute as can be. Without further ado, we bring you some freaking cute kittens! If you consider yourself to be a crazy cat lady (or a crazy cat lady in the making), this list of kitty pictures may cause you to want to add more to your brood. Proceed with caution. You’ve been warned about the super cuteness!

AWWWWW how sweet is this tiny little kitten??


Credit: Flickr

We are guessing that the this kitten’s owner wasn’t paying enough attention to him or her. The result? Adorable kitten eyes pleading for love!

Credit: Flickr