People are Going Crazy Over The Amazing Art INSIDE This Baker's Bread! | Chicks News

We all know that outward appearances can be deceiving. One baker in Japan is blowing minds in the way that she is able to embrace that concept in her bakery.Inspired by her son’s artwork and drawings, Konel bakes loaves of bread that look pretty ordinary from the outside. The outer part of the bread has a nice crusty look and feel to it like any other loaf of bread. However, if you slice a loaf of her bread you will be amazed at what you find on the inside.


Photo Credit: Konel Bread

Konel makes incredible designs and patterns inside her loaves of bread. She uses dyes extracted from natural plants to color her magnificent works of art.


Photo Credit: Konel Bread

Somehow, Konel carefully places pieces of colored dough around the pan so that an incredible pattern will be visible once the bread is baked and sliced.


Photo Credit: Konel Bread

She creates animals, flowers, fruits, and so much more. Check out the photos below to see some of her amazing artwork.


Photo Credit: Konel Bread


Photo Credit: Konel Bread