Parents Accidentally Lost Child's Favorite Toy. You Won't Believe How The Internet Bailed Them Out! | Chicks News

Most young children have a favorite toy, blanket, or object they keep near them at all times. Whatever the beloved item is, it serves as a source of comfort and happiness for young children. But, what happens when that beloved item accidentally gets destroyed or lost? In most cases, the world completely crumbles! Two parents recently found that out when their young son’s favorite toy elephant went missing. Unsure of what to do, the boy’s parents turned to Reddit to help them console their young son. What happened next is stunning and hilarious!

They decided they could make him smile by telling him (and showing him!) that his elephant was traveling the world. Reddit users did NOT disappoint! The toy elephant was photo-shopped into incredible photographs that made the sad little boy happy again. The next pressing question is, will the elephant ever return from his trek around the world?? We hope so!

Check out a few of the incredible photos below!

Photo Credit: Imgur / Weeeeetao

Photo Credit: Reddit / Criticalg

Photo Credit: Imgur

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