Get the low down on the latest celeb gossip. As much as Hollywood loves to depict their celebrities as glamorous and flawless, behind the video editing and makeup are more…ordinary souls, complete with imperfections and all. Here’s a list of celebrities that are known to have physical scars, as well as the stories behind how they got them. [Read more…] … Read more


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Cool & Random

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Cool & Random

For every person capable of cruelty and neglect in this world, there are angels like Sean McCormack that prove things aren’t as hopeless as they sometimes seem. This story restored my faith in humanity, and I hope it brightens your day. When British dog-lover Sean McCormack came across this abandoned dog at a home in Taiwan, … Read more

Cool & Random

Our world is a weird, wild and wonderful place. Even after all our years of human exploration and scientific exploits, we are still discovering dozens of new plant and animal species each and every year. Edible foods are no exception. To feed your inquisitive minds, we’ve rounded up 10 of the funkiest and most exotic fruits to ever … Read more