WTF Centralia Pennsylvania: The Real Silent Hill

By 1984, Pennsylvania officials urged residents to relocate and get out of Centralia. Congress offered over $42 million collectively to Centralia residents to help them with relocation costs. In 1992, all homes and buildings in Centralia were claimed through eminent domain. Many have since been demolished. Despite this, some residents refuse to leave what has … Read more

Pictures of Aaaadorably Cute Kittens!

What could be better than one cute kitten? A box filled with FIVE cute kittens! Credit: Flickr Kitties in a basket! These little sweeties look like twins! Credit: Flickr This cute kitten is playing peek-a-boo! Credit: Flickr Look at this precious little black kitten! We think he or she is SO cute, but would be … Read more

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Prosthetic limbs have come a long way in terms of mobility, comfort and improved materials. Unfortunately they still carry a stigma for many that use them. Industrial designer Scott Summit threw the rulebook on traditional prosthetics out the window, and decided to try a different approach. Together with orthopedic surgeon, Dr Kenneth Trauner, Scott founded … Read more