9 of the Craziest, Over-The-Top Kentucky Derby Fashion Trends You Must See! | Chicks News

The 142nd Kentucky Derby horse race was held this past Saturday, May 7 in Louisville, Kentucky. One tradition of the Kentucky Derby is outrageous fashion- specifically, crazy and outlandish head-wear. Without further adieu, check out these outrageous examples of Kentucky Derby fashion! From large to small, vibrant colored to plain tones, the hats worn to … Read more

Creative | Chicks News

Weddings are fun, festive occasions full of laughter and love. Individual taste and touches make each wedding as unique as the couple getting married! Some couples have incredible visions for their wedding, and the end result is absolutely breathtaking. You have to see these AMAZING wedding photos that you wish you could recreate (or perhaps … Read more

Aww | Chicks News

We all think sleeping babies are cute and they look so peaceful. But what about babies dressed up in cute mini-versions of adults’ outfits? That’s even cuter! This picture of an adorable baby with a fake wig who is only eight days old will definitely push the Aww level through the roof. [Read more…] Now … Read more

STOP Letting Your Husband Watch the Kids! I Couldn't Believe What These Dads Did While Watching Their Kids! | Chicks News

Moms and Dads typically play slightly different roles in their children’s lives. They both serve as caretakers for their children and they share some of the same responsibilities when it comes to parenthood. However, moms are typically the nurturers and dads are usually the ones who are all about having fun. This is not always … Read more

Cute Corgi Reacting To Fruits & Veggies!

There are number of foods that are unhealthy or unsafe for dogs. Some of these foods include chocolate, grapes, onions, avocado, and more. Despite the fact that we can’t safely share those foods with our dogs, there are countless foods we eat that we can safely share with our beloved canine companions. When I saw … Read more