Our 5 Favorite Etsy Items of March 2015 | Chicks News

Unless you’d decided to take a few years hiatus from the internets, you’ve no doubt heard of Etsy. Considered by most as the marketplace for buying and selling vibrant handmade craft and vintage items, there are some incredible treasures to be had.

The following 5 items are our editor’s Etsy ‘must-have’ picks for March. These items all ranked highly based on our three criteria: uniqueness, usability and quality. Now that Christmas is over, make this a ‘me’ month – spoil yourself with one of these little treats. You’ll be glad you did!

Note: Technically, item #5 is a Gift for Him. But it’s such a great little item we had to include it. Hey, if it saves you from having to wrack your brain for inspirational gift ideas, then we’ve done our job!

#1 – Chevron Bar Necklace

#2 – Heirloom Engraved Cocktail Muddler

#3 – Homemade Coffee Soap

#4 – Geometric Wool Shawl

#5 – The Docking Station