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Christmas may be over, but Valentine’s Day is not too far away. As always, Etsy is brimming with incredible and unique gifts for everyone you know. If you are thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day (or a birthday or anniversary), and need ideas for Etsy gifts for him, we have some perfect suggestions. Check them out below.

Etsy Gifts For Him January 2016

#1 “Dark Ebony” Wooden Watch

Credit: Axmen Shop on Etsy

This fantastic watch is handmade of dark wood. You can have up to 8 words engraved on the back of the watch. The band is made of genuine leather. We love the idea of having “Every second I love you more” engraved on this watch. How nice would this present be? This handmade, customized watch sells for $72.95.

#2 Darth Vader Cutting Board

Credit: Cutting Board Gift Shop on Etsy

This cutting board is a great gift for Star Wars fans who enjoy cooking. The cutting board is handmade from oak. In addition to this unique Darth Vader cutting board, the shop also sells Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and various other themed cutting boards. This cutting board sells for $26.80

#3 Printable Love Coupon Book

Credit: Lady Bird Press Shop on Etsy

This sweet gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day! At $5.00, it is inexpensive but thoughtful. This love coupon book is a great gift for your guy. He will especially like cashing in his coupons (who doesn’t like a coupon for a FREE back massage??)

#4 Sound Wave Print

Credit: Newton And the Apple Shop on Etsy

We love how unique this personalized sound wave print is. Sounds waves change based on who is speaking (even if the same sentence is being repeated!) This makes this gift extra special. You can record whatever message you want, just send your sound clip when you make your purchase. This sound wave print costs $37.48.

#5 Zombie Greeting Cards

Credit YeaOhGreetings Shop on Etsy

Walking Dead fans will appreciate this greeting card! Show how much you love you guy with this unique card. There is plenty of space to write your own message inside the card. This Walking Dead card sells for $4.00

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