One Woman Woke Up To Find This Horrifying Creature in Her Home!

When most people wake up in the morning, they yawn, stretch, and perhaps lay in bed for a few minutes before they get up to start their day. When you wake up in the morning, you tend to expect to see things in your bedroom just as they were before you fell asleep. What one Australian woman discovered in her home one morning is the stuff of nightmares!

One recent morning, that was not the case for a woman who lives in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia. Trina Hibberd found a 16 foot scrub python slithering over her bed and through her room!


Source: Trina Hibberd

The snake weighed 66 pounds and had slithered around picture frames, wrapped part of its body around a coat rack, and found its way into her bedroom.


Source: Trina Hibberd

Trina had actually seen the snake before back in 2012. Back then, he had made himself comfortable inside her roof. Trina gave him the nickname Morty.

This time, Morty decided to check out the interior of her home. This kind of snake is not uncommon in Australia. Thankfully, this time a snake catcher was able to safely remove the snake from Trina’s property.