One Woman Shares Her INCREDIBLE Mother's Day Story! Must See!! | Chicks News

Early yesterday morning, on Mother’s Day, a 20-year-old woman went into labor. Sasha Murphy and her boyfriend were driving as fast as possible to the hospital and sailing through red lights.

Sasha’s labor was fast and furious, and the couple was desperately trying to make it to the hospital before she gave birth! She began to feel pressure and tried to convince herself that she could keep the baby in until they arrived at the hospital.

Photo Credit: Sasha Murphy

Two LAPD police officers pulled the couple over for speeding. However, it was not long before the officers realized why the couple was driving so fast. The pressure had become too intense, so Tasha placed her feet on the dashboard and gave birth to her baby boy in the car!

The couple decided that they had two options: continue to the hospital and explain the situation to the police once they arrived or pull over and let the police help them. Sasha and her boyfriend decided to pull over. As soon as the police officers saw the baby, they said “It’s time to go!” and they escorted the little family the rest of the way to the hospital.

Messiah Tindley weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and is a healthy baby boy! Despite his unique birth story on Mother’s Day, he is doing great and so are his parents. That is certainly one Mother’s Day Sasha will never forget!