OMG This Harry Potter Inspired Newborn Photo Shoot Is Blowing Up On The Internet! | Chicks News

Harry Potter fans, you are going to love this story! Two Oregon parents (who also happen to LOVE the Harry Potter series) recently had their second child, a boy. They wanted their son to have a special newborn photo shoot. After some thought, the parents decided that a perfect theme for their son’s photo shoot would be none other than Harry Potter! The result was, not surprisingly, completely adorable! In the photos, the sweet newborn baby is only 4 days old.

Photo Credit: Yahoo

The baby’s older brother, Sebastian, also appears in some of the photos. Sebastian is dressed as a super cute Harry Potter. Most Harry Potter fans are familiar with a Mandrake (a screaming, shrill plant that has roots that look like a wailing baby). Well, this little newborn was dressed as a Mandrake for his photo shoot. Totally fitting for a baby, right?? These adorable photos have gone viral on social media. You have to check them out for yourself!

Photo Credit: Yahoo

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