Olsen Twins Post First Public Selfie On Instagram! | Chicks News

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the now-elusive twins who stole the hearts of many when they shared the role of Michelle Tanner on the hit family show, Full House. From Full House, the twins launched their own movie series, a television show, clothing lines, fan club, toys,  and more.

As the twins got older, they became less interested in television and movies and become more focused on fashion. This explains why the twins were unwilling to participate in Fuller House, the revival of Full House. In recent years, Mary Kate and Ashley have launched two clothing lines called The Row and Elizabeth & James.

Credit: Sephora Official Instragram Account

Despite their years spent in the spotlight on television shows and in movies, the twins have shied away from the limelight as adults. They are notoriously private and avoid the paparazzi and photographers whenever possible. They rarely reveal details of their personal lives. In fact, they avoid social media at all costs…until now! Just recently, Mary Kate and Ashley posted their very first (and quite possibly their last!) public selfie on Sephora’s Instagram account during a special Sephora Takeover session. Even in their selfie they managed to remain somewhat private by wearing large sunglasses that cover a good portion of their faces. Regardless, we still think you look good, Mary Kate and Ashley!