Oh My God! I Lost It When I Saw This Video of a Dog In Mourning! Truly Man's Best Friend | Chicks News

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows what loyal companions they can be. There’s a reason people call them “man’s best friend.” The love of a dog is unlike any other. They are always happy to see you and are content just to be in your presence. Usually, dog owners outlive their canine companions. What happens when a dog outlives his owner? In some instances, they mourn the loss much like a person.


Photo Credit: Inside Edition

A 21-year-old man named Abraham Martinez was recently killed while sitting in his car in a parking lot. Another car rear-ended his car which pushed Abraham’s car into oncoming traffic. After a truck hit his car, Abraham was thrown from his car and killed instantly. Upon hearing the tragic news, Abraham’s family began to mourn his untimely passing. What they did not expect was his 1-year-old dog named Jax to mourn with them. Abraham’s sister revealed in an interview that Jax mopes around the house looking for Abraham. Jax has not been the same since Abraham died.  In fact, Jax has been laying in front of the memorial Abraham’s family created inside their home. This story shows how much love dogs can have for people.