My Head is Going to Explode!! 4 MEGA Celebs Joined a Carpool Karaoke! | Chicks News

You won’t believe this!!

Gwen Stefani accompanied The Late Late Show’s host, James Corden, on a ‘ride to work.’ During their carpool, they belted out songs and turned it into a carpool karaoke.

They began by singing No Doubt’s classic rock hit, Don’t Speak. Next up, they sang various popular songs by Stefani. What seemed like a really great carpool quickly became an absolutely awesome carpool. Why? Because James needed to have a total of four passengers in order to drive in the carpool lane.

Source: Youtube

After making a call, he pulled over to the side of the road and George Clooney and Julia Roberts hopped in! The group agrees to listen to music together, and what happens next is nothing short of hilarious.

James, Gwen, George, and Julia have a group karaoke session to Stefani’s hit song, “Holla Back Girl.” Then, they have a discussion about the meaning of the song. They finished their carpool by signing an enthusiastic rendition of “We Are The Champions” by queen. It is so funny, you just have to see it for yourself!

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