Must Watch Sweet Inspirational Video About A Dog and Owner

**Warning, this video/story is a tearjerker. HAVE YOUR KLEENEX PREPARED! You have been warned!**

Check out this heartwarming video about a very special dog named Chance, and his owner Michael. Chance was hit by a car and left on the side of the road to die. Someone took him to a shelter, and that is where his now-owner Michael met him. As a result of being hit by a car, Chance lost functioning of his back legs and appears to have lost control over his bowels. Chance was going to be euthanized. When Michael met Chance, he felt compelled to adopt him because he believed that no one else would want him due to his paralysis. Chance would require special care because his back legs no longer worked. Chance’s limitations did not deter Michael! He adopted Chance because he felt a special bond with him and could relate to his challenges. Like Chance, Michael is paralyzed and is unable to use his legs. Both Michael and Chance use wheelchairs to get around. Chance uses a specially made wheelchair for dogs. With the help of his wheelchair, he can frolic happily just like every dog loves to do!


Source: Youtube

Michael and Chance have become the best of friends. Chance happily follows Michael and joins him in various fun activities. Whether they are kayaking on a lake, playing in the backyard, or riding down the street, they do it together. Michael and Chance overcome their challenges and obstacles together, side by side. Check this special video out. It is apparent that Michael and Chance have a mutual love for one another. They are evidence of the special, mutual bonds that can form between humans and dogs. This story is inspiring not just because of the love between man and dog, but because of the determination and joy these two display on a regular basis. Regardless of their challenges, they live life happily- together.