Must See Video of K-9 Comfort Dogs Helping Grieving People In Orlando | Chicks News

A group of 11 trained golden retrievers from the K-9 Comfort Dogs group have been taken to Orlando, Florida to comfort individuals who have  been affected by the tragic night club shooting. Specifically, the dogs have been spending time with first responders and people who were injured in the shooting.

The dogs help people relax by providing them with a non-judgmental listening ear. People can also pet the dogs and interact with them. Typically, this helps people relax after they have been exposed to tragedy. This is not the first time this special group of golden retrievers have comforted individuals after a tragic and traumatic loss.

The K-9 Comfort Dogs visited victims and first responders of the Boston Marathon bombing. They have also spent time with the first responders, families, and community members affected by the Sandy Hook school shooting. These dogs have a very special job, and they do their job well.



Source: Sasha Comfort Dog


Source: Barnabas Comfort Dog