Mother Of Twins Grew Tired Of Answering Questions & Shared Hilarious Photo! | Chicks News

If you are a parent of multiples, you probably get asked lots of questions about your children. The questions are generally innocent in nature. But, hearing the same questions over and over again can get annoying. You have to see how this mother responded to the constant barrage of questions.

Annie Nolan, an Australian mother of fraternal twin girls, decided she was tired of the repetitive questions each time she went out with her 2-year-old daughters. The mom attached a sign to each side of her double stroller with answers to the many questions she is asked each time she ventures out with her twins.

She took the signs off the stroller before getting on the train, but she did post the photo to her Facebook again. Annie was concerned that people would take the sign the wrong way because of some of the language she used on the signs. However, the photo has gone viral on Facebook and has received many likes, shares, and comments. Check out her hilarious photo below.