Mother Is Overjoyed To Have Her Son Home From The Military, And Then The Unexpected Happens! | Chicks News

No mother ever wants to see anything bad happen to her children, but Vicki Simmons has seen it all.

Her son, was born with an incurable disease known as Systemic Mastocytosis. Doctors doubted the life of Chase Simmons since birth, telling his mother that they doubted he would even make it to 8 years old.

Chase Simmons however, was the ultimate fighter in more ways than one. He proved the doctors wrong, and lived past what they thought from the beginning. He even grew up to become Private 1st Class in the Army. Chase was sent to South Korea for a year and a half where he was stationed. His job and duty was to help soldiers that suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and prevent them from getting worse. Chase really enjoyed helping these people.

Around Christmas time in 2015, Chase went back home to spend the Holiday with his family in California. During his stay, the unexpected happened.

Chase was driving one evening, and a car struck his head on leaving Chase with traumatic brain bleeding injuries, as well as his broken neck. His mother was later informed again by doctors that her son wasn’t expected to live much longer.

No parent should ever have to hear those words more than once. Vicki had lost a child before she had Chase, shortly after giving birth to him, so Chase was her life and living miracle.

A miracle indeed he was because Chase survived. Chase now, 22 years old is still recovering from this horrific accident. He’s recovering in San Francisco near his home where his family can visit often.

When friends of the family heard about what had happened to Chase, they started a GoFundMe on his behalf to help pay and cover expenses that they family needed for his recovery.

Keep fighting Chase!

H/T Little Things