Mother Goes Into Labor As Disastrous Tornado Passes Through | Chicks News

In the midst of tornado season back in 2013 taking place in Oklahoma City, a woman named Shayla was in the midst of delivering her first child when the city declared a level 1 tornado warning. Being at Moore Medical Center, the doctors gave Shayla the option of rescheduling her birth or praying for a miracle since the tornado was to directly hit the hospital.

The problem was that Shayla was already having several contractions and at 5 centimeters, so there was no way of stopping this birth at that point. With the tornado warnings continuing to get worse, the hospital eventually had to evacuate their patients that were on the upper levels to safety. Shayla’s husband and son were both on the fourth level of the hospital as she was moved to the second where the delivery was to take place.

In the midst of Shayla’s delivery, the walls and floors started to shake and debris was falling from the ceiling. The nurses were so concerned that something would happen to Shayla and her child during this giant disaster.

Without hesitation, the doctors seeked a room that had no windows so that it was safer for Shayla and her baby. As a team, the nurses and doctors gathered around Shayla and prayed for a miracle. Shayla unaware of anyone around her feared that something happened to her husband and son since they were nowhere to be found.

Such a frightening scene it was as the tornado ripped through the room. It was unlike anything anyone in the room had ever experienced, but it remained their duty to protect the child and her mother. The tornado passed through and meanwhile the building was demolished. Still in delivery, her family as well as the doctor’s goal was to get her out of the building and into a safe zone to delivery the baby completely.

A complete miracle for Shayla, her baby, and her family. The delivery was successful, but quite a story it was!

H/T Little Things