Mornings Just Got Interesting: 5 Coffee Makers That Are Off-The-Charts-Cool. | Chicks News

If you’re like most of us, there’s a good chance you’ve found a way to insert coffee into your morning waking-up ritual. Also, like most of us, your coffee maker is probably boring.

I think it’s safe to say that until now, you’d never given much thought to the machine that helps you get your caffeine fix. Neither had we. That is, until we decided to check out the annual home tech conference…at which point: mind = blown.

There’s an entire industry out there, dedicated to figuring out new, unique, and sometimes downright insane ways of brewing your coffee and espresso. Here are 5 editor pics for the most unusual coffee and espresso makers. They don’t just brew liquid sunshine, they’re working pieces of art.

1) Eiffel 2000ml

Created by Dutch Lab, the Eiffel 2000ml is a stunning full aluminum, brass and glass tour de force. It requires neither hot water or electricity to operate, instead using what is called a ‘cold-drip’ method. Gravity slowly filters water through the specially grounded coffee roast, finally collecting in the bottom flask. It does require patience however! Dutch Lab recommends starting the brewing process the night before, if you want your cup of joe in the morning.

2) Café Balão

If mad scientists drank coffee, this nifty little device is probably what they would brew it in! Made by designer Davide Mateus, these coffee makers are handcrafted from blown glass and use an inserted heating element to start the brewing process. As the water boils in the lower chamber, its vapors rise up into the coffee grounds located in the flask just above it. After the heat source is turned off, the water vapor re-condenses, dripping rich brewed coffee back into the lower flask. Simple yet brilliant.

 3) TopBrewer

The TopBrewer is probably the slickest device on this list. It’s a coffee faucet that you install directly into the counter or table top, allowing you to get coffee – straight from the tap. This product will appeal to the caffeine-heads who are hopelessly addicted, and require their coffee On Demand. Equally cool is the fact it comes with an app for your phone which allows you to brew your coffee, espressos and cappuccinos all remotely.

4) Espresso Veloce V12

For the ultimate gear and caffeine head. The replica engine of the Espresso Veloce V12 is a nod to the legendary Formula One racing machines of yore. Brewed coffee is secreted through the exhaust pipes, and get this – you can prime the ‘oil filler’ with your favorite liqueur!

5) Espresso Solo

Concrete is trending as a popular construction material in homes these days. Designer Shmuel Linski decided to elevate that trend with a machine that combines the crude ruggedness of unrefined concrete with the precision and sheen of metal elements. The results are stunning – pictures really don’t do this espresso machine justice.

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